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Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application


Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application
Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application
Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application
Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application
Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application
  • Info About the Project

The Universal Trading wallet is an innovative SaaS application for gamblers and crypto traders. The web application supports all fiat and crypto in one in one utility wallet, has a flexible subscription model extra bonuses for turnover. The key feature is evaluating profit and loss info for each of the investment set.

The Universal Trading project had an idea of a web portal for their clients to manage the gambling activities, make and control withdrawals from platforms, set financial goals. Crypto wallets and payment services are conservative business areas, so such a fintech product is quite innovative and it is not easy to create such a project from scratch without good UX design solutions to pain points of the target audience.

The modern market for crypto trading and gambling betting projects requires diversification of payment systems. The universal trading wallet provides an opportunity to make transactions of both fiat money and crypto assets using a single digital wallet with built-in analytics of the profit or loss received from each investment or bet. The web application makes withdrawals from third-party platforms without user participation. An intuitive interface gives an advantage, a trader can easily set goals and track their gambling activities.

Promo pages as stories can be expanded as well, but most users are pressed for time and have less patience. That’s where visual storytelling comes in, we used a functional animation to present the key features of the product. Visual storytelling is a powerful way to quickly resonating with the target audience. We did our best to improve promo landing pages into something relatable for the users. We hope it will help universal trading stand out from the rest of the market.

The target audience of the product is mature people who value their time and know exactly the rules of gambling projects. The key feature of this market is that many gambling projects go bankrupt or scam and it is very important to be sure that the money is withdrawn to the user’s cold wallet as soon as possible. The UX research showed that this kind of service is in great demand and there is still no relevant product on the market, which is a great challenge to take the lead for the Universal trading project.


Traders prefer a clean UI design and a minimum amount of distracting features, but for them necessary to receive info from their active investments in gambling projects by tracking their assets. The target audience requires a sophisticated and easy to use dashboard that displays all key performance indicators and reach their expectations.


We carefully transferred all the data from the business plan put it in a mindmap. It was a challenge for us to optimize such a large amount of financial information and wrapped it into the wireframes of an early high-fidelity prototype. We analyzed important business plan information to be able to focus on the most necessary data for the investor, like usage of filters in the tables, the grouping of data for diagrams, text sections minimization.

Target audience research revealed their desire for an opportunity to have a day-night swither from white to a dark interface with using bright colors associated with cryptocurrencies and other well-known gambling brands. The dark mode of the interface provides ease of use and highlights key points of the user experience with an emphasis on key interaction points.

At the branding stage, we created a style guide that includes designing a unique logo, developing a color palette for the brand, all this will make it easy to identify the brand for the target audience.

The free fonts were chosen specifically for easy reading of information since mobile devices with various financial information required a high level of readability.

We created the UI Design Kit for further flexible work on a possible development of the product features. UI Design Kit helps to follow the style and be ready to test new hypotheses on the improvement of the product during AB testing. For our clients, we always create a fintech UI design kit so that with each new development of the product, it is easy to make design changes to the product.

The visual language of the product gave comfort to users and go them through the product. We created a smooth design full of attention to small details by using gradients and branded content. We designed a set of cute custom icons for the dashboard and like them a lot. Color palette is driven by calm and bright tones, to catch the eye of user without overloading on a screen.

The idea is that the landing page displays a distinctive offer on the first screen without having to scroll down. Our goal was to simplify screens and reduce the loading time of the landing page, make it more attractive. The landing page contains everything a user needs, such as bullets, infographics, and video content, to learn about the universal trading wallet project within a few minutes.

Universal Trading Wallet is an innovative Saas application for gamblers and crypto traders. Our mission was to put the maximum emphasis on the uniqueness of the business proposal for the target audience. The widespread use of functional animations on promo website helped to show the usability and introduce key features even without registration. Actual UX design improved the early MVP concept, offer fresh product design ideas and simplify the complex stages of the trader’s interaction during the withdrawal transaction, so that Universal Trading Wallet stands out in the market and has every chance of becoming a market leader. Extej team is very pleased to collaborate with such great startups with bright ideas.

Services: Product design, User experience design, Branding, User interface design, Front End development

Duration: 12 weeks

Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Designer, Motion Designer, Front End Developer

Location: Hong Kong

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