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Real estate mortgage & loans dashboard mobile application


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The challenge was to group a large amount of financial data related to the process of selecting a mortgage offer from lenders and display them on a small screen of a mobile application. We had to test hypotheses to identify a unique value proposition for the target audience of the product in such a highly competitive field of mobile applications.

The main attention should be paid to the ease of use of the application and testing of hypotheses to improve online support and prompt consultation of customers of this SAAS application. The process of quick comparison of real estate investment offers and such key parameters as interest rates, collateral, penalty, return on investment, change in value was improved.

The target audience of the product is active users of mobile devices and it is very important for them to have quick access to full financial information about the mortgage and the success of their investment in real estate. In the course of working on this mobile application, we studied the user experience of interaction with such services of the target audience and other related successful startups. As a result, we identified an unsatisfied user demand for online operational support and simplifying the process of comparing different mortgage applications.

Information architecture has been optimized and is shown in an easy to read the documentation. Created mindmap allows our client to simplify the process of testing and usability testing. As a result, it was possible to save up to 30% of the possible time spent on the stage of UI/UX design.

In the course of working on this project, we carried out a full cycle of AI of design and were able to find 11 unique people and their interests associated with the use of such SAAS. In the course of testing 24 user stories, we created and enhanced more than 70 functions of the initial concept of a mobile application.

Creating a design for the Fintech MVP startup demanded special attention to the process and the importance of creating the UI Kit. UI Kit made it possible to quickly connect new models to the working prototype of the application and conduct usability testing. All functional elements, specifically dashboards, graphs, tables, user panel, payment forms, have a strict and laconic style that helps to quickly perceive information.

Our team is very pleased with this opportunity to be at the center of creating a design that is really aimed at identifying and solving current pain points of the target audience. We are very pleased that our work on this Fintech product continues and we will be able to actively participate in its development in the SAAS market of mobile applications. We hope this UX design case study will empower you to reinvent the real estate industry, and we are always happy to help you on your journey.

Our client was able to get a design solution for his MVP product and a full package of UX documentation, which allows him to easily scale his startup. Despite the tight deadlines, we managed to identify the most critical pain points of interaction of the target audience with such services and suggest ways to solve these problems.



Mobile app UI/UX Design

UI Kit

Interaction Design

Duration: 11 weeks


UI/UX designer

UX designer/BA


Florida, USA

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