Our works

ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot web application

#Trading WebApp

Task: Design of UI for trading web app for traders who would like to receive offers for profitable arbitrage pairs. The user interface had to be as simple and informative as possible, showing a large amount of info about crypto deals.

Result: Desktop & Tablet & Mobile design, 18 improved interactions, 90+ screens designed
Services: Product design, User flow mapping, IA, Prototyping, UI design, Animation, Logo, Illustration
Duration: 13 weeks
Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Designer, BA, PM

ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot

Solar Bank - Cryptocurrency banking and payments


Task: Create design for multi-channel banking platform. Target audience is millennials who want to explore new opportunities of financial products, use instant payments related to crypto or a combination of fiat and crypto transactions.

Result: 30+ functions architected, 40+ Hi-fi mockups, Promo animation
Services: UX research, Market research, UI/UX Design, Animation
Duration: 7 weeks
Team: UI / UX Designer, UX Researcher /BA

Cicotex blockchain investment platform

#ICO Project

Task: Design of an investment platform interface for users who would like to trade cryptocurrency on the market, but still doubt of the difficulty of understanding the way of investment and tracking the effectiveness of investments.

Result: Desktop & Tablet & Mobile design, 50+ functions architected, 85+ screens designed
Services: UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, Prototyping, Animation, Logo, Illustration
Duration: 6 weeks
Team: UI / UX Designer, UX Researcher / BA

Securex - Real estate mortgage & loans dashboard mobile appliaction


Task: Group a large amount of financial data related to the process of selecting a mortgage offer from lenders and display them on a small screen of a mobile application,  identify a unique value proposition for the target audience.

Result: Mobile application, MVP product UI/UX design
Services: Identity, Mobile App UI/UX Design, UI Kit, Interaction Design
Duration: 11 weeks
Team: UI / UX Designer, UX Researcher /BA