Mobile First design

Importance of Mobile First design for Fintech products

Mobile First design is a strategy for creating a design that prioritizes the usability of the product on the smallest screens, and then gradually thinking through the possibilities for larger screens, expanding the functionality. For this reason, the entire Fintech product development focuses on user comfort using mobile devices. This development strategy is increasingly being chosen as the main one in the development of the design of financial products. It is impossible to equally effectively place the same amount of content on screens of different sizes and resolution. Fintech product development, given the comfort of using only on computer screens, is outdated.

Importance of Mobile First design
Importance of Mobile First design

Why is mobile version more important than desktop?

The mobile version of the product gives a great variety of interaction with the product. The comfort of using the product interface on mobile devices and tablets allows you to effectively interact with the user’s product when he is on his way home or is resting on the beach. This is a valuable opportunity for a user to make a decision in a situation when he is not near a computer, which gives an advantage over others. Thus, the comfort of using the product in any situation is much higher than a certain amount of complicated interaction, which can be implemented only in the desktop version of the product. Therefore, in the step wireframing, which we mentioned before, it is very important to determine which device is the higher priority and already for this type of resolutions to think of the possible structure of the user interface and possible interaction function. The correct strategy chosen based on user experience analytics can provide the product with unique distinctive features of comfort on a mobile phone screen when solving problems of the target audience.

Importance of Mobile First design
Importance of Mobile First design

What are the limitations of mobile design?

The use of mobile design as the main one in the product leads to a rethinking of the traditional values of user experience of interaction from the past, when financial issues were solved by users near the screen of a desktop computer.

For example, on a desktop resolution, you can easily place a heading consisting of ten or more words. However, on a mobile device, it will be necessary to simplify it to a shorter length for the comfort of reading it on a mobile screen, which is a very difficult task. You have to agree that it is very difficult to reduce the number of words in a phrase without losing the semantic load. It should be noted that such an optimization is necessary for all types of textual content, such as paragraphs, fonts, lists, tables.

Mobile design also has a trend to reduce the use of complex graphic content. In modern mobile design, images are used minimally and more and more simple background colors or gradients.

Mobile menu is much simpler in its structure from the usual desktop menu. Simplifying the menu is a consequence of simplifying the overall architecture of the product, aimed at reducing the user’s steps to achieve his goal. The correct menu simplification has a positive effect on the increase in conversion by using marketing strategies to use combinations of different types of devices.

What are the features of Mobile First?

High download speed and overall performance makes it comfortable to use products in the area of the Internet to poor or relatively old mobile device. A well-executed product according to the Mobile First strategy will be able to provide the same comfort and emotions from interaction on all types of mobile devices.

Mobile First products are easy to use due to simplified navigation. The same simplification affects the possible functionality of the interaction mechanisms. Sophisticated mechanics using scripts are removed from the product, they are replaced by plain and simple mechanics that can help the user to successfully solve their problems using the product.

The visual part of the design optimized for high speed loading of the product and the successful execution of the task of interaction with the product. Complex illustrations are only on the main page. In the personal account, simple color schemes are used to underline objects or gradients to highlight specific areas of layout.

What are the benefits of Mobile First strategy for the product?

The benefits of Mobile First strategy

It is no secret that search results Google has two versions, the first for desktop users, and the second for users of mobile devices. A perfectly optimized product on mobile devices will have good behavioral factors, which will have a very positive effect on the position in the search results for mobile devices. Getting to the top of mobile search results on competitive request is a great achievement that requires attention to detail.

The ability to successfully use complex marketing scenarios aimed at cross-browser use of the product on the way to conversion. It is worth recalling that the first acquaintance of the user with the product can be on one type of device, and successful conversion into a client can occur on another.

In developing countries, due to existing problems in the past of access to technology, today mobile traffic is much higher than desktop traffic.

For example, in the past, residents of many countries in the African continent experienced problems with electricity, because of this, they were among the first to use mobile devices with Internet access. Thus, some developing countries are expecting products with convenient mobile navigation and performance.

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