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Dlendo Real Estate UI UX Dashboard Web Design for Fintech DeFi Project


Dlendo Real Estate UI UX Dashboard Web Design for Fintech DeFi Project
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The target audience had difficulties with the long duration of investments, which are difficult to calculate and predict pure profit, professional analytics for each investment offer. Our challenge was to design not an overloaded, but a simple dashboard that presents all information, shows trends and risky areas, updates users on what happened with their investments in Real Estate. Users want to know real data about new offers to compare effectiveness for better decision-making.

The key feature of the Dlendo product is transparent information about the blockchain chains of buying and selling shares in the projects, accruing profits, while not disclosing private information.  Users would like to see not only forecast values but also real actual ones.

The target audience of the product is active users who want to participate in crowd investing in Real Estate in Germany.  For them, it is very important to have the ability to deposit with fiat and crypto money, diversify their investment in Real Estate. As a result, we identified an unsatisfied user demand for closing the gap between traditional investments and blockchain solutions.

We always use mind maps for UX design is to create the main navigation and approximate structure of a product. Mind mapping helps in generating new ideas and in identifying possible pain points at a very early stage, it is fast and easy to manage. Information architecture has been optimized and is shown in an easy to read documentation. Created mindmap simplified the process of testing and usability testing at very early iterations. As a result, it was possible to save up to 30% on the stage of UI/UX design by avoiding extra revisions.

We conducted a competitive analysis regarding the Dlendo product. In the reviews of users of competitive products, they noted that they lacked information to make decisions. They would like to see not only forecast values but also actual ones. Competitors had problems with navigation and page overload.


From interviews, we have determined that most users complain about the relevant pain points. We represented them using personas to find out possible solutions. Developed personas helped us to achieve the goal of creating a good user experience.


Created personas helped us to understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals.  We recognized that different groups have different needs and expectations, and it was important to classify groups of users and user experience.


We design the settings page as user friendly as possible. To do this, we grouped information into sections and, simplified the interface for entering information so that all data is on one screen.

A good logo is more than a generic icon. A unique logo is mandatory for market recognition online and offline, a well-designed logo is a business advantage that captures the attention of clients and represents the core values of a brand at a glance. The symbols in logotype represent a combination of a key as an image of Real Estate and a bird as an image of a flawless delivery of service. The logo design delivers the key features of the product, creates a memorable image of the company.

Creating a design for the Fintech MVP startup demanded special attention to the process and the importance of creating the UI Kit. UI Kit made it possible to quickly connect new models to the working prototype of the dashboard and conduct usability testing. All functional elements, specifically graphs, tables, payment forms, have a strict and laconic style that helps to quickly analyze information.


In order to create an interactive prototype, we designed detailed screens of the dashboard. In our humble opinion, by creating Hi-Fi prototypes and using them in usability testings, we can optimize a lot in interaction design. An impressive showcase investment portfolio could make the difference.  We made the UI/UX design of the investment portfolio page as informative and compact as possible so that the user can compare different investment offers.

Our team is very pleased with this opportunity to design innovative product that really gives the solution of the current pain points of the target audience. We are proud that this fintech product will bring the opportunity to invest in Real Estate in Germany for a wide range of people.

We made a product design from scratch. Our client got a design solution for his MVP product and a full package of UX documentation, which allows him to easily scale his product. Despite the tight deadlines, we managed to identify the most critical pain points of interaction of the target audience with such services and suggest ideas to solve these problems.



Identity Design

UI/UX Design

Interaction Design

Frontend and Backend Development

Duration: 12 weeks


UI/UX designer

UX designer/BA

Full Stack Developer


Berlin, Germany

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