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Blockchain investment platform for Cicotex ICO project


  • Info About the Project

To design an investment platform interface for users who would like to trade cryptocurrency on the market, but still doubt of the difficulty of understanding the way of investment and tracking the effectiveness of investments. Platform users want to see only the key information and do not waste time learning the technical aspects of owning and working with cryptocurrency. The main task is to ensure maximum anonymity of using the platform and high standards of protection for access to personal accounts. Also, the platform design should display the statistics of blockchain operations in real time.

Maximum simplification of requirements related to registration, when compared with a traditional bank or fund. The need for authorization by mail, extra protection of the entry in the personal account of two factor authentication. Development of the most simplified output of information through tables showing links to blockchain operations, which gives increased confidence in the objectivity of information, simplify the routine operations of depositing and withdrawing money. In addition, the mechanism of interaction between users of the platform was introduced, the ability to create feedback on cooperation with the platform and share their experiences.

An important aspect of concern to the target audience is the difficulty of using the usual Bitcoin wallet, as well as the difficulty of quickly tracking the dynamics of changes in the rates of return on investment in cryptocurrency and ICO projects.

At this stage, we confirmed that the initial hypothesis about the highest priority of the user of the platform is to preserve his anonymity of using the platform and investing. The main goal that was set for the design was to develop an interface structure that would preserve the anonymity of users and give them convincing evidence in the form of blockchain chains that the information on the screen is relevant and correct.

Analytics reports showed that the target audience visits the platform site several times a day from different devices to manage their assets from any location, such as a laptop at work or a mobile phone on the road. The conducted study and the basic task showed that the target audience of the project uses a combination of devices, therefore it is very important to provide them with the comfort of the user experience. Due to the very limited time frame for the design of the design, an adaptive layout using ready-made frameworks was taken as the basis A unique interaction experience is provided by custom illustrations and a color scheme. Using the MVP approach to interface design allows you to provide it to the development team as soon as possible. In the field of cryptocurrency, time is a very important indicator, the market and its trends are unstable, it is very important that the product is successful, so that it is relevant at the right time.

The study of the target audience showed their sympathy for the dark interface of digital products related to cryptocurrencies and investing in ICO projects. The interface in dark colors provides ease of use and clearly highlights the key points of user interaction.

Dashboard interface should help a crypto investor understand a simple way to create an investment portfolio and manage assets. Using charts and graphs helps to quickly perceive the financial information and make decisions. Tabular information displays the most accurate and complete information about financial transactions, minimalistic and understandable filters can provide a large amount of information in two clicks. Grouping similar tables with financial transactions into tabs gives you a clean layout and the same usability on all types of devices.

The result of the work was the MVP High-fidelity prototype, which is fully standardized for following layout and deployment as soon as possible.

Duration: 6-7 weeks

Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher

Location: London, UK

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