ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot


ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot
ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot
ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot
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There are a lot of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, and a variety of markets on which they are exchanged. Manual analysis of the cryptocurrency market is a challenging and time-consuming task. Successful entrepreneurs want to automate calculations and ease trading. Nevertheless, every trader uses his own unique techniques and strategies whenever they decide on the purchase and sale crypto asset.

Whenever the price difference of a digital asset between two exchanges increases during impulse movement, traders can concurrently buy the asset on the exchange and sell it at other, but it takes a lot of time. Wait times resulting from delays in receiving up-to-date info from exchanges often lead to missed opportunities.

Arbitrage traders want essentially just processing information and then not thinking about it until transactions are done. This is something that Crypto Entrepreneurs need to do because to take advantage of an opportunity they need to have the indicated assets, at the right time, in the necessary exchange.

Trading is performed by ArBitrage bot that informs the trader and after his decision the bot simultaneously buying and selling the same cryptocurrency amount from two different exchanges to gain a profit of the exchange rate difference. The arbitrage trading bot is a pre-programmed trading system that runs market analysis algorithms and can place orders and execute transactions.

We created a new product design that covers the various needs in crypto arbitrage. The design helps traders to capture more opportunities, but also optimize the process through optimization of data for the user interface, profit estimation, and unique info from the trading bot. A clear user panel of the web app gives the ability to quickly analyze data. The user interface was major improved and the feed of complex data was also optimized, focusing only on the most important for decision-making.

The most difficult operations of depositing and withdrawing money from the platform were simplified and it became possible to provide a simple way in three clicks. As simple as possible and unique design for the arbitrage trading Web App makes it possible to stand out among competitors.

Our target demographic was young adults/teens who might not have a lot of prior experience with navigating the world of stocks and exchanges, we anticipated the challenge of organizing complicated financial data in a way that would make sense to them. We began by researching crypto exchanges and arbitrage tools. During the UX research, a list of the most important information that the crypto trader wants to see first of all was formed, we were able to optimize information structure and hide less important information in pop-ups or additional tabs.

We conducted a competitive analysis of other trading web apps, a good UX design is mandatory, arbitrage traders do not want to be distracted by irrelevant information in the crypto trading process. All indicators or filters that a trader uses need to be tweaked and personalized anyway.

Traders prefer a clean UI design and a minimum amount of distracting features, but for them necessary to receive info from 20+ indicators. Tracking the prices of crypto assets on exchanges, holdings, and their available balances across different exchanges is a major pain point for crypto investors. In addition, it is worth noting the following pain points of the target audience: understanding the graphs, navigation issues, account opening with multiple different exchanges.

An outstanding user profile that contributes to the overall usability and user satisfaction is mandatory if you want to grow your brand and company. When a user is creating an account, the user has something in mind, a need to use a product to be achieved, we have to keep the amount of user input as minimal as possible to overcome possible UX issues on sign up page.

It was a challenge for us to structure such a large amount of financial information. We carefully transferred all the data from the business plan and early prototype to the mindmap of information architecture. We structured important and secondary information to be able to focus on the most important information for the trader. A lot of work was done on applying filters in tabular information, grouping data for charts, minimizing text blocks.

A study of the target audience showed their sympathy for the dark interface using bright colors associated with cryptocurrencies and other well-known crypto brands. The dark scheme theme of the interface provides ease of use and highlights the key points of user interaction with an emphasis on simplification and the use of just a few colors.

At the branding stage, we created a style guide that includes redesigning an early logo, designing a color palette for the brand, all this will make it easy to identify the brand, to point out specific essential meanings for the target audience.

Bright color accents made it possible to create a strong visual hierarchy and attracted the user’s attention to the most important indicators for making a decision to open a deal. Also, fonts were selected specifically for easy reading of information, since tables with various financial information required a high level of readability.

We created the UI Design Kit for further flexible work on possible optimization of the product user interface and expanding its features. With the assistance of the UI Design Kit, it will become possible to easily test new hypotheses on the improvement of the product during AB testing.

The user panel UI helps the trader understand and decide on the profitability of a particular trading pair transaction the risks. Using charts and graphs helps to group data and quickly understand financial information and make decisions. Tabular information displays the most accurate and complete information about crypto trading operations and balance changes, minimalistic and clear filters can regroup and provide a large amount of information in just two clicks.

A unique illustration is something to generate curiosity that takes the user beyond the promo site to the user panel. Sophisticated illustrations make it possible to reduce the use of text in the design and turn familiarity with the product into an exciting journey.

Users like visual images as a quick perception of complex information. Much of the information that we perceive, is transmitted through the eyes.

Custom illustration is an excellent tool for onboarding and quick tutorials. As the onboarding material, it helps to clarify the difficult concept and simplify it to the state of understandable visual images.

Custom illustrations were created especially for the ArBitrage trading WebApp. They helped to increase confidence in the product and given assurance that the team had a goal to take its place in this crypto market, where there were so many one-day projects.

The idea is the landing page displays the arbitrage crypto trading offer on the first screen without having to scroll down. Our challenge was to improve information structure and reduce the load time of the landing page, make it more engaging and build customer loyalty with the help of branding illustrations and animations. The landing page contains everything necessary like text, infographic, and video content to know about the project within a few minutes.

Users interact with the web using an increasingly various range of devices. The responsive web design approach allows the website to be fully functional (and look nice) no matter what size screen and resolution the user applies for trading.

The user interface was designed to be helpful and interactive because crypto traders want to have only the modern and cross-platform web site.

Our goal was to give the comfort of using the web app on any screen so that nothing would detract from the crypto arbitrage.

The web app is very unusual and very different from traditional arbitrage trading platforms because of the mobile-first approach and excellent usability. The unique set of service features includes online Deposit/Withdraw/Trading of various cryptocurrencies with the most favorable rates on the market.  An accurate UX audit allowed us to improve the early MVP concept, offer fresh design ideas, and simplify complex stages of interaction trader at the time of the arbitration deal so that ArBitrage stands out on the market and has every chance of becoming a leader in the field of crypto trading. Time will show what awaits this MVP web app in the future, nevertheless, its idea is unusual and we hope the results will be very successful after launching the project.


Services: Product design, User flow mapping, Information architecture, Prototyping, User interface design, Front End development

Duration: 13 weeks

Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Designer, Business Analyst, Project Manager

Location: Malta

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