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We are UX design agency. We do UX research, analytics,
strategy and user interface design.

Latest works

Dlendo Real Estate UI UX Dashboard Web Design for Fintech DeFi Project

#Dashboard UI/UX

Task: Create product design from scratch, create a catchy image of the company, identify unique value offers for the target audience, simplify traditional Real Estate dashboard, and provide great and blockchain solutions..

Result: DMVP product UI/UX design, Web App Development
Services: Identity Design, UI/UX Design, Interaction Design, Frontend and Backend Development
Duration: 12 weeks
Team: UI/UX designer, UX designer/BA, Full Stack Developer

Dlendo Real Estate UI UX Dashboard Web Design for Fintech DeFi Project
Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application

Universal trading – gambling crypto wallet web application​

#Crypto Wallet

Task: UI/UX design for crypto wallet web app that aimed at gambling oriented target audience. The user interface had to combine usual crypto wallet features and advanced analytics on various investments, crypto deals, bets, assets.

Result: Desktop & Tablet & Mobile design, 9 functional animations, 40+ screens designed
Services: Product design, User experience design, Branding, User interface design, Front End development
Duration: 12 weeks
Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Designer, Motion Designer

ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot web application

#Trading WebApp

Task: Design of UI for trading web app for traders who would like to receive offers for profitable arbitrage pairs. The user interface had to be as simple and informative as possible, showing a large amount of info about crypto deals.

Result: Desktop & Tablet & Mobile design, 18 improved interactions, 90+ screens designed
Services: Product design, User flow mapping, IA, Prototyping, UI design, Animation, Logo, Illustration
Duration: 13 weeks
Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Designer, BA, PM

ArBitrage advanced Bitcoin & Crypto trading bot

Solar Bank - Cryptocurrency banking and payments


Task: Create design for multi-channel banking platform. Target audience is millennials who want to explore new opportunities of financial products, use instant payments related to crypto or a combination of fiat and crypto transactions.

Result: 30+ functions architected, 40+ Hi-fi mockups, Promo animation
Services: UX research, Market research, UI/UX Design, Animation
Duration: 7 weeks
Team: UI / UX Designer, UX Researcher /BA

Cicotex blockchain investment platform

#ICO Project

Task: Design of an investment platform interface for users who would like to trade cryptocurrency on the market, but still doubt of the difficulty of understanding the way of investment and tracking the effectiveness of investments.

Result: Desktop & Tablet & Mobile design, 50+ functions architected, 85+ screens designed
Services: UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, Prototyping, Animation, Logo, Illustration
Duration: 6 weeks
Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher/BA

Securex - Real estate mortgage & loans dashboard mobile appliaction


Task: Group a large amount of financial data related to the process of selecting a mortgage offer from lenders and display them on a small screen of a mobile application,  identify a unique value proposition for the target audience.

Result: Mobile application, MVP product UI/UX design
Services: Identity, Mobile App UI/UX Design, UI Kit, Interaction Design
Duration: 11 weeks
Team: UI/UX Designer, UX Researcher/BA

UI and UX design services

Our outsource UX design agency provides a full cycle of designing financial product. We have expertise in topics and ready to create result driven product.

We focus on understanding the users’ expectations, behaviors, needs, problems with our approach to research. The outcomes are then used to ensure that all decisions on product development benefit the user. User research helps us give a relevant solution to our client, which helps him to achieve goals that are important to him. We want to emphasize that user research is the key to the success of a product. User research is just as important as UX or visual design. In fact, it provides the basis for the initial design work, and also provides a way to verify the direction of the design.  Think about when you may need to conduct generative research and when you need to conduct an assessment study, and then choose the most appropriate way of development of your product.

In our work we use data analytics. We know well how to work with analytics counters of various services.  Most quickly and accurately show the experience of interaction with your resource helps us to conduct Behavior analysis report .This report will help you to understand user behavior on your website and identify any weak points in your product. Analysis of the time spent on the site and its individual parts can show the way for quick product optimization. Also, in working with clients, we help define goals that we can set in the analytics system to track key performance indicators of a business. We are able to create a jouney map for the target person. A user’s journey map is a collection of interactions and actions that a user takes to become a customer. In a real scenario, your visitors usually make several visits before moving on to paying customers. We always take into account all possible entry points and interactions with our customer’s product.

As important as research in the initial market, we also think about specific target groups of users for a real competitive advantage. To better understand your product customers, we create characters and scripts. Creating them from data collected in a competitive analysis, plus some past analysts, to determine exactly what users liked and did not like. The next step is to define your product strategy by writing a value proposition that defines the problem, how you solve it, and tangible results for the user. A well-defined problem has already been half solved.  Then we start thinking about which functions will lead to better results, and prioritize based on user goals and ranking of stakeholders. The final step – to create a storyboard to create a story around your product goals, and confirm their value proposition.

In the modern world, being with the minimum viable products at the beginning of an uptrend is extremely important. We are big supporters of a minimally viable product. In today’s world, hypothesis testing speed is very important. We are confident that this approach is able to more quickly show the viability of any business product ideas and to test its relevance in the shortest development time.  The data collected through MVP testing and each subsequent iteration is used to improve the next version. Thus, we want to say that it is always best to concentrate on the unique idea of the product, and make its implementation as simple as possible to be the first in the new direction of the digital business.

Good design is the most simplified design. A useful design solves problems, and thanks to its design it optimizes this functionality. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of the product, not paying attention to anything that could distract him. The user interface design in our understanding should be unique and simple, so that the potential client of the product can easily understand the mechanics of interaction with the product to successfully meet its goals. We are not in favor of very complex animations that may harm the product, due to reduced download speed and speed, or just confuse the likely user with unusual interaction mechanics. We always think about optimizing the content and user interface so that it is intuitive for the user and does not cause embarrassment.

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